About Us

Brand X Oilfield Products is built on four major foundations: Quality control,
technical support, environmental awareness, and competitive pricing. These
factors, along with great leadership and outstanding customer service, have
played a major role in helping our company experience recent rapid growth
in the areas of oil production and Haynesville gas production.

We have a state-of-the-art laboratory on site that analyzes the client's
problems and provides vital data necessary to better service their needs
and protect their investment. We are in frequent contact with our clients
to provide one-on-one service and technical support. Our staff is highly
trained in safety procedures and environmental impact, in order that we
can better advise our clients, should they have questions or concerns.
In setting our pricing scale, we do extensive research to assure the quality
and effectiveness of our products far outweigh the cost. We strive to beat
the pricing of all competition, even major corporations.


Our long-range goal is to expand our territory to provide quality oilfield
products to clients all over the world and to assist companies large and
small to produce more oil and gas to meet the ever-growing needs
of consumers worldwide.




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Ph. 318-378-4343

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